2016年11月29日 星期二

Look at Winter in a Certain Way by Chou Meng-tieh

還沒讀過周夢蝶的原詩。 只知英譯者的介紹太熱鬧、繁點......

Translation Tuesdays by Asymptote
Translation Tuesday: Look at Winter in a Certain Way by Chou Meng-tieh

A seminal poem by the late Chou Meng-tieh, regarded as a pioneer of Taiwanese poetry

By Chou Meng-tieh and Lee Yew Leong for Translation Tuesdays byAsymptote, part of the Guardian Books Network

Regarded widely as a pioneer of Taiwanese poetry, Chou was named the first Literature Laureate by Taiwan’s National Culture and Arts Foundation in 1997. But his literary achievement belied a lifetime of monastic poverty, decades of which he spent selling books out of a roadside stall. Two years after Chou’s passing in 2014, without any surviving family, our editor-in-chief presents a new translation of one of Chou’s seminal poems, marked by his characteristically ascetic vision.

—The editors at Asymptote

look at winter in a certain way

look at winter in a certain way
start from sunlight—
clumps of parasites up to no good
puncturing holes in snow’s body

snow that never moans, never says no
one punctured hole…
while the good mood lasts, I’ll turn
sadness into the dead sadness of years past
one punctured hole…one
on one certain hushed-up night

what is meant to surface, will out one day
look at winter in a certain way
winter—with its way of amplifying everything
even days grow longer,
nights warmer, a black cat’s
pupils—blacker, rounder, brighter
as they turn and illuminate
the surrounding emptiness

all fallen leaves are destined to return to their branches
all trees being—as always—an extension
of my own diverging hands
though winter treads lightly,
its footfalls never cease—if you
look at winter in a certain way

Chou Meng-tieh was named the inaugural Literature Laureate by Taiwan’s National Culture and Arts Foundation in 1997. In literary circles, he is highly regarded and considered a “national treasure.”
Lee Yew Leong is the founder of Asymptote, winner of the 2015 London Book Fair Award for Literary Translation Initiative. As Asymptote’s fiction editor and editor-in-chief, Yew Leong has presented a newly translated story or poem in The Guardian every Tuesday since November 2015. Based in Taipei, he works as a freelance editor and translator of contemporary Taiwanese literature. Among the three book-length works he has translated, Fu-chen Lo’s From Taiwan to the World and Back is the most recent publication. Winner of the James Assatly Memorial Prize for Fiction (Brown University), he has written for The New York Times, among others, and recently served as one of the judges for PEN International’s 2016 New Voices Award.

2016年11月27日 星期日

英文的"compromise"譯史; headnote, fieldnotes




這似乎應該【思想史】之類刊物的論文,弄成ppt 自有限制。
現在,讓我們看看goo 英日辭典如何翻譯compromise:

  1. 1(相互の)妥協,歩み寄り,互譲,譲歩;示談
  2. 2妥協[折衷]案
    • They managed to work out a reasonable compromise.
    • 彼らは納得のいく妥協案をようやく作ることができた.
  3. 3折衷したもの,中間物
    • The split-level is a compromise between a ranch house and a multistoried house.
    • 中二階式は平屋と多階建てとを折衷したものである.
  4. 4(名誉・評判・信用などを)危うくすること,危険[疑いなど]にさらすこと
━━ [他動詞]
  1. 1((古)) 〈紛争などを〉妥協して解決する,示談にする,譲歩する
    • compromise a lawsuit
    • 裁判ざたを示談にする.
  2. 2危険[疑惑,醜聞など]にさらす;〈信用・名声・評判などを〉危うくする;傷つける,汚す;〈能力を〉弱める
  3. 3((廃))
  4. (1)契約[協定,約束など]で縛る.
  5. (2)承服させる.


Fieldnotes - Wikipedia


Fieldnotes refer to qualitative notes recorded by scientists or researchers in the course of field research, during or after their observation of a specific ...

  1. a note inserted at the head of an article or document, summarizing or commenting on the content.
    • LAW
      a summary of a decided case prefixed to the case report, setting out the principles behind the decision and an outline of the facts.

  1. 1頭注:章,ページなどの前に置かれる要約,解説,説明など.
  2. 2〔法律〕 (判例集中の個々の判決文の冒頭に付された)判決要旨,頭書.

2016年11月26日 星期六

電影Purgatory廣告;Sons and Lovers 版本史與字眼的文化史:purgatory、afterlife

2016.11.26 在捷運看到電影Purgatory廣告,翻譯成"地獄",很不長進。


Mrs Morel always said the after-life would hold nothing in store for her husband: he rose from the lower world into purgatory, when he came home from pit, and passed into heaven in the Palmerston Arms. Sons and Lovers - Edited out of the 1913 edition, restored in 1992
The original 1913 edition was heavily edited by Edward Garnett who removed 80 passages, roughly a tenth of the text. The novel is dedicated to Garnett. Garnett, as the literary advisor to the publishing firm Duckworth, was an important figure in leading Lawrence further into the London literary world during the years 1911 and 1912. It was not until the 1992 Cambridge University Press edition was released that the missing text was restored.)

Sons and Lovers Parts 1 and 2 - Page 30 - Google Books Result

D. H. Lawrence, ‎Helen Baron, ‎Carl Baron - 2002 - ‎Literary Collections
Mrs Morel always said the after-life would hold nothing in store for her husband:he rose from the lower world into purgatory, when he came home from pit, and ...

*****Purgatory 字眼的文化史可參考Wikipedia 中文版的簡單說明。基本上,天主教必須接受後人為其先人"代禱"之功德:purgatory 只有一通訪天堂的出口,沒有到地獄的通路。





noun [U]
the place to which Roman Catholics believe that the spirits of dead people go and suffer for the evil acts that they did while they were alive, before they are able to go to heaven
purgatory:煉獄;煉所:是那些死在天主恩寵中卻仍有些瑕疵的人,補贖罪罰、煉淨罪污的暫時受罰之過程(所),是一種進入天堂過程中被煉淨的體驗。為亡者獻贖罪祭,是為叫他們免除或減輕煉獄的罪罰(加下十二45)。或譯為" 靈薄獄"。


Middle English: from Anglo-Norman French purgatorie or medieval Latin purgatorium, neuter (used as a noun) of late Latin purgatorius 'purifying', from the verb purgare (see purge).

in store 2

1In a safe place while not being used or displayed:items held in store
2Coming in the futureabout to happen:he did not yet know what lay in store for him

‘To be rid of our individuality, which is our will, which is our effort—to live effortless, a kind of curious sleep—that is very beautiful, I think; that is our after-life—our immortality.’ 

And afterwards he loved her—loved her to the last fibre of his being. He loved her. But he wanted, somehow, to cry. There was something he could not bear for her sake. He stayed with her till quite late at night. As he rode home he felt that he was finally initiated. He was a youth no longer. But why had he the dull pain in his soul? Why did the thought of death, the after-life, seem so sweet and consoling?

Definition of afterlife in English:  為什麼1593才有

afterlife 一字?


(In some religions) life after death:most Christians believe in an afterlife
  • He did not believe in the afterlife and considered death as the final phase of all souls, fools as well as the wise.
  • Beliefs concerning the afterlife depend on the religion of the individual.
  • Beliefs about death and the afterlife correspond to the doctrines of the major religions.

Full Definition of afterlife

  1. 1:  an existence after death
  2. 2:  a later period in one's life
    1. afterlife
, his memoirs reveal a kinder, more forgiving man>
  1. [名詞]
  2. 1 死後の生,来世,あの世(future life).
  3. 2 晩年,余生
    • in afterlife
    • 晩年に(は).

  • 3:  a period of continued or renewed use, existence, or popularity beyond what is normal, primary, or expected afterlife
  •  in syndication>