2013年5月23日 星期四

“Music is liquid architecture; Architecture is frozen music.”

“Music is liquid architecture; Architecture is frozen music.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
歌德說" 音樂是流動的建築, 建築是凝固的音樂". 

根據liquid 意思liquid, let up, washing-up,cleaning, back-breaking...
不過 liquid和frozen 都是指水之相.
它還有一處不理想. 即標點符號

2013年5月20日 星期一

tournedos 不是簡單的牛排.......

 譬如說: tournedos  不是簡單的牛排

noun (plural same /-dəʊz/)

a small round thick cut from a fillet of beef.
 末段的原文說要用墩煮 (simmer)牛肉-馬鈴薯-洋蔥 (Nikujaga (肉じゃが))代替歐洲的麵包夾燉物(stew)

Japan’s standing restaurants head for New York 普羅大眾都能享受的米其林料理 日本立食餐廳進軍紐約

Japan’s popular standing restaurants, where patrons eat food by former Michelin restaurant chefs for a fraction of the cost at a seated-restaurant, are about to hit New York.
Michio Yasuda, an executive director at ORENO Corporation, which owns and runs 18 restaurants in Tokyo, hopes New Yorkers who are happy to drink while standing at bars will also be happy to eat while standing.
In Tokyo’s standing restaurants, which include French and Italian establishments in the posh Ginza district, diners can enjoy dishes like tender beef tournedos with foie gras, with an average meal costing about 4,000 yen , around the cost of drinks and snacks at a simple Japanese-style pub.
Now, ORENO Corporation plans to open a standing, gourmet Japanese restaurant in New York, taking aim at diners who yearn for sushi without the bill climbing into three figures or more.
現在,ORENO公司計畫在紐約開設一間日式立食美饌餐廳 ,目標客群是渴望能品嘗壽司,又不希望帳單高達3位數的食客。
"Japanese food at a top-rated place in New York is so expensive. We want to completely change that," said Hiroshi Shimada, a chef who set up a gourmet standing Japanese restaurant in the Ginza after leaving the Michelin three-starred Japanese restaurant Azabu Yukimura.
Shimada said some modifications may be made to the food to suit American tastes."For example, we might add just a tiny bit of butter to our ’dashi’ soup stock. Or take Japanese simmered dishes like ’niku jaga’ - meat with potatoes - and serve them with bread, like a stew," he added. (Reuters)
posh:形容詞,奢侈的、漂亮的、優雅的、第一流的。例句:We stayed in a posh hotel in San Francisco.(我們住在舊金山一家豪華的飯店裡。)
yearn for:片語,盼望。例句:She yearned for a glimpse of him.(她渴望可以看到他一眼。)
top-rated:形容詞,最高級、最受歡迎的。例句:His novel is one of the top-rated books of the year.(他的小說是今年最受歡迎的書之一。)


從影響研究到中國文學(論文集): - Google 圖書結果
solas 翻譯成 "娛樂的實質氣氛"?

 solace, solas, duet, wretchedness, inflate away

2013年5月19日 星期日


此次我政府對菲律賓的制裁,是採最後通牒(Ultimatum)的方式;第一次是在5月11日晚上發出72小時後的制裁命令,而制裁項目有三:停止進口菲傭、招回駐菲代表、驅逐菲駐台代表。第二次是5月15日10:00 am.發出8小時後的制裁命令......

 Brinkmanship 的意思或可參考: http://word-watcher.blogspot.tw/2010/09/writers-block.html
Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany seems to have adopted a strategy aimed at remaking the euro zone in her country’s likeness.

2013年5月13日 星期一

doomed hills, the glaciers

As he saw that deadly glitter along the crest of the doomed hills, Millward at last understand the sound.
Out of the north, their ancient home, returning to triumph to the lands they had once possessed, the glaciers had com again.
---- THE FORGOTTEN ENEMY by Arthur C. Clarke,


翻譯討論: doomed hills 翻譯成"倒楣小山頂"可能太有點人味--它是"注定被毀的"......
懸疑小說原文將主角the glaciers冰河在末段的末尾亮相

Definition of doomed


likely to have an unfortunate and inescapable outcome; ill-fated:the moving story of their doomed love affair
1 [U][C]運命;凶運, 悲運;破滅, 滅亡, 死
an evil [a cruel] doom
a sign of doom and decay
meetgo to, fall toone's doom
死ぬ, 滅びる.
2 [U][C]((古))判決, (罪の)宣告.
3 最後の審判(the Last Judgment)
the day of doom
最後の審判の日(⇒DOOMSDAY 1).
1 〈人・事を〉(…するように)運命づける((to ..., to do))
be doomed
doomed love
He is doomed to failureto fail].
2 〈人に〉(…の)判決を下す, (刑罰の)宣告をする((to ...))
doom a person to life imprisonment
doom and gloom/gloom and doom
((略式))希望のない状態, 暗い見通し.

2013年5月9日 星期四

「青」翻訳 / 村上春樹的新譯者

    "關於翻譯的外行話+--- 止庵《旦暮帖》2012 提到中國翻譯村上春樹的林少華因好用成語等壞習慣被取消新書的翻譯資格...
 Murakami mania sweeps Japan: 村上春樹:把我想成瀕絕動物「1Q84」等...
 翻訳(ほんやく)とは、Aの形で記録・表現されているものから、その意味するところに対応するBの形に翻案することである。最も身近なものとして、言語における翻訳があり、あるソース言語(source language)によって表現された文章を、別のターゲット言語(target language)で表現することを指す。


2013年5月7日 星期二

漏譯 configure﹐此iteration的翻譯有投機取巧之嫌.....

Dr. Arias noted that the higher suicide rates might be due to a series of life and financial circumstances that are unique to the baby boomer generation. Men and women in that age group are often coping with the stress of caring for aging parents while still providing financial and emotional support to adult children.

“Their lives are configured a little differently than it has been in the past for that age group,” Dr. Arias said. “It may not be that they are more sensitive or that they have a predisposition to suicide, but that they may be dealing with more.”


*漏譯 configure

Pronunciation: /kənˈfɪgə/
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Definition of configure


[with object]
  • arrange or put together in a particular form or configuration:two of the aircraft will be configured as VIP transports
  • Computing arrange or order (a computer system or an element of it) so as to fit it for a designated task:the memory can be configured as a virtual drive

    Mr. Cordesman said the report was more detailed than previous iterations. He also said over time, the annual Pentagon document has become more balanced, analytical and useful.
    HC按: 此iteration的翻譯有投機取巧之嫌.....

2013年5月5日 星期日

real time 多實時

Definition of real time


  • the actual time during which a process or event occurs.
  •  [as modifier] Computing relating to a system in which input data is processed within milliseconds so that it is available virtually immediately as feedback to the process from which it is coming, e.g. in a missile guidance system:real-time signal processingreal-time software

1 《コンピュータ》リアルタイム;実時間.
2 即時, 同時
in real time

2013年5月2日 星期四

idiosyncrasy credit

所謂的性格信用(idiosyncrasy credit)是心理學家艾德溫.霍蘭德(Edwin Hollander)所提出的。其意是:和取得者相比,付出者擁有較大的運作空間,就算拒絕他人,也仍保有同事的尊敬。這是由於過去慷慨助人的紀錄,賦予他們所謂的「性格信用」,即使他們未按正規方式行事,也不會受到懲罰。有了性格信用,付出者得以自行針對協助他人的「如何」、「何時」、「誰」,設定各種限制。
謝謝 此概念是一有趣的想法. 上文名詞的翻譯不太理想 請參考
 1 (個人の)特質, 特異性, 個性, 性癖;ある作者独特の表現法, 作風
  idiosyncrasy 翻譯成"性格"似乎有點不太理想 因為它強調的是獨特的行事作風......
根據:英日文的解釋 : idiosyncratic collage, Idiosyncrasy credit