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Before the Dawn translated by William E. Naff 乗り物 palanquin 輿

Before the Dawn by Shimazaki Toson.島崎藤村 - Wikipedia
translated by William E. Naff

 Naff   ( -2005)的翻 譯很用心.

 有時翻譯更清楚. 譬如說  " 乗り物"翻譯成 palanquin 即"輿"

輿,輦, 隃,駐輦, 神輦,堪輿,明察秋毫,不見輿薪



Syllabification: (pal·an·quin)
Pronunciation: /ˌpalənˈkēn/

(also palankeen)
Definition of palanquin


  • (in India and the East) a covered litter for one passenger, consisting of a large box carried on two horizontal poles by four or six bearers.


late 16th century: from Portuguese palanquim, from Oriya pālaṅki, based on Sanskrit palyanka 'bed, couch'

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arc / colony

Who are your favorite novelists?
J. M. Coetzee, Jennifer Egan, Hemingway, Elizabeth Strout, Jhumpa Lahiri, Dave Eggers, Ian McEwan, David Foster Wallace, Junot Díaz, Kurt Vonnegut, Alice Munro (I know, she writes short stories, but many of them have the arc of condensed novels).
J·M·库切(J. M. Coetzee)、詹妮弗·伊根(Jennifer Egan)、海明威(Hemingway)、伊丽莎白·斯特劳特(Elizabeth Strout)、裘帕·拉希里(Jhumpa Lahiri)、戴夫·艾格斯(Dave Eggers)、伊恩·麦克尤恩(Ian McEwan)、大卫·福斯特·华莱士(David Foster Wallace)、朱诺特·迪亚兹(Junot Díaz)、库尔特·冯内古特(Kurt Vonnegut)、艾丽丝·门罗(Alice Munro)(我知道她是写短篇小说的,但是其中很多小说像是浓缩的长篇小说)。

arc 未譯出. 此字在文藝上的意思: 敘述或主題的發展(in a novel, play, or film) the development or resolution of the narrative or principal theme:

HAMDEN, Conn. — Lawrence F. Gall, an entomologist at the Peabody Museum of Natural History at Yale, bushwhacked his way through the muddy thickets leading to the River Road colony here, the epicenter of what is believed to be the world's only preserve dedicated to Magicicada septendecim, the 17-year periodical cicada.
康涅狄格州哈姆登——耶魯大學(Yale University)皮博迪自然歷史博物館(Peabody Museum of Natural History)的昆蟲學家勞倫斯·F·加爾(Lawrence F. Gall)在一片泥濘的灌木叢中開路,這片灌木林通向本地的河路地區,該地區據信是全世界唯一一個專門保護十七年蟬(又稱週期蟬。——譯註)的保護區的中心地帶。

colony  不是地區
7 《生態学》(同一種の生物の)群集, コロニー, (細菌・バクテリアなどの)集落, コロニー. ⇒FLOCK1[類語]

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 饒宗頤《符號‧初文與字母---漢字樹》(上海書店 ,2000 ,頁186) 的一段英文的漢譯, 讓我懷疑: 是不是饒宗頤先生有點誤會? 翻譯的問題很嚴重:

Some Scholars(sic 按: 我加的,下述"sic"同。) have tried to prove that Chinese picture writing had a common origin with the picture-writing of the ancient Sumerians, that the two system (sic) followed independent lines of development, and that while the Babylonians soon abandoned, in large part, ideographic for phonetic writing, the Chinese stuck to the old System(sic).)


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為什麼【銀座】翻譯成(Golden Seat)?

為什麼【銀座】翻譯成(Golden Seat)?

Searching for Mount Fuji

by Winifred Bird
Special To The Japan Times
What can be a more enticing invitation to travel than a good place name?
At age 19, an American wanderer in India, I drifted from Rishikesh to Shimla to Dharamsala on the current of fantasy those storied names wove inside me. Often, the reality of ramshackle hotels and tourist trinkets was a letdown. But Shimla! Ah, the beautiful dreams that name stirred up were worth whatever disappointments it later delivered.
Japan is full of good place names. Who can resist Utsukushigahara (Beautiful Field) in Nagano Prefecture, Ginza (Golden Seat) in Tokyo or the sad irony of Fukushima — Isle of Good Fortune? For many, though, Fujimi would be hard to beat — since its mi means “see” and the place name means “a view of Mount Fuji” — Japan’s most beloved peak.




[名] 1 座る場所。座席。「―を占める」「―に着く」 2 地位。「妻の―」「権力の―」 3 多くの人が集まっている席。集会の席。また、その雰囲気。「―に連なる」「―がさめる」 4 座る場所に敷...
[音]ザ(呉) [訓]すわる います [学習漢字]6年 1 すわる所。また、会合の席。「座興・座席・座右(ざゆう)/王座・講座・首座・上座・即座・中座・当座・末座・満座」 2 すわる。「座業・座...

I made myself a gibbet of my own lintel

I made myself a gibbet of my own lintel, 

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James Joyce's Amazing Chronicle改為「精微的瘋狂」


小注《20世紀的書 「精微的瘋狂」篇》的翻譯

James Joyce's Amazing Chronicle By Dr. JOSEPH COLLINS(May 28, 1922,http://www.nytimes.com/books/00/01/09/specials/joyce-ulysses.html
50 Years After Bloomsday By SEAN O'FAOLAIN (June 13, 1954 http://www.nytimes.com/books/00/01/09/specials/joyce-bloomsday.html


「我看文章總先從頭瞄一遍,再從尾讀一下,最後再讀其他。後來,我注意到這篇中間被腰斬近1/4到1/3的篇幅【其中一大段須要了解歌德浮士德第一部「華爾布幾斯之夜」中的許多典故,可參考周學譜的翻譯(台北:志文,pp. 236-254)】。注意:翻譯或編輯將篇名James Joyce's Amazing Chronicle改為「精微的瘋狂」,真有兩下,或許有點「精微的瘋狂」。

我先注意到下段中的tour de force翻譯得與我原先了解的「令人佩服的精心傑作」(an achievement or performance which shows great skill and attracts admiration)不同,認為翻譯錯誤:「……在一百人中,看完《尤利西斯》的人不超過十個。在十個看完的人中,五個人會看得很吃力。……」
Finally, I venture a prophecy: Not ten men or women out of a hundred can read "Ulysses" through, and of the ten who succeed in doing so, five of them will do it as a tour de force. I am probably the only person, aside from the author, that has ever read it twice from beginning to end. I have learned more psychology and psychiatry from it than I did in ten years at the Neurological Institute. There are other angles at which "Ulysses" can be viewed profitably, but they are not many.
後來我覺得我的了解可能有錯,查 tour de force字面意義 feat of strength,字典說:「絕技、特技、壯舉、絕妙表演」,所以翻譯沒什麼問題。


"…If personality is the sum total of all one's experiences, all one's thoughts and emotions, inhibitions and liberations, acquisitions and inheritances, then it may be truthfully said "Ulysses" comes nearer to being the perfect revelation of a personality than any book in existence. Rousseau's "Confessions," Amiel's "Diary," Bashkirtseff's vaporings and Cassanova's "Memoirs" are first readers compared with it. "作者大膽剖白,誠實的程度令人咋舌。盧騷的《懺悔錄》、阿米爾《日記》、瑪麗‧巴什克采夫的自我吹噓、《花花公子 Cassanova回憶錄》)根本瞠乎其後。"
這方面,Peter Gay《史尼茨勒的世紀;布爾喬亞經驗一百年》(梁永安譯,台北:立緒,2004)可以當作簡明參考書和對照,因為通篇說Joyce也是無所不記錄(除了文學書籍之外,他對於許多有趣的東西,尤其是文字都記下來(參考本站『談點關鍵字"Serendipity" 』一文;流浪歐陸時當「英語、法文、德文、義大利文的「家教」」

【Peter Gay:「不過,在把日記看成了一個朋友這一點上,許多日記作者卻是有志一同。…..十九世紀最長的日記必定是日內瓦文評家阿米爾教授(Henri-Frederic Amiel)所寫的無疑,它們加起來一共是密密麻麻的一萬六千八百多頁。一八六四年,也是在寫了十六年日記之後,阿米爾教授問自己︰「我為何要寫日記呢?」這位鐵了心的獨身漢知道答案何在,有點可憐兮兮地把它寫了出來,把它的日記說成就像充滿各種人的素質:「因為我孤單。它是我的對話、我的社交、我的同伴、我的知己。它同時也是我的慰藉、我的回憶、我的出氣筒、我的回聲、我私密經驗的蓄水庫,幾乎是我唯一值得流傳身後的東西。」 就像瑪麗‧巴什克采夫一樣,他的預言太精確了。」----當然,Peter Gay接下來說的,更精彩啦!】

(我跟梁永安先生說 我因為讀過梁宗岱先生的百來字 Amiel 的翻譯  才可能知道 Amiel的文風與深度......)

involved in the records search afoot

It is evident, then, that all three branches of government were involved in the records search afoot at the telecommunications carriers and Internet companies.
很明顯的是,這三個政府分支機構都參與了針對電信運營商和 互聯網公司的記錄搜集行動。 http://cn.nytimes.com/opinion/20130609/c09shanor/en-us/

HC按: 此句沒將afoot翻譯出

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地址有韻 Monet, the Ultimate Impressionist.

Monet, the Ultimate Impressionist

 Monet, the Ultimate Impressionist by Sylvie Patin 的台灣版本:莫內:補捉光與色彩的瞬間》台北:時報1995  雖然譯者是中國的  有些用詞不容易懂:"馬拉美夫人受了氣"...此書還是很好的入門書: 中文的副標題可能出自莫伯桑的傳記之說法.英文版書名的 Ultimate雙關: 一指他是印象派最後的大師. 又指其品質很好.
 Monet, the Ultimate Impressionis


Mallarmé: The Poet and His Circle - Page 137 - Google Books Result

Rosemary Lloyd - 2005 - Biography & Autobiography
The novelist Octave Mirbeau, apologizing to Mallarme for his absence from the lecture, asserted that "Monet's enthusiasm gave my regrets a particular form: it ...
中文翻譯見 莫內:補捉光與色彩的瞬間》第144頁. 沒有將他喜愛的"吉維尼"翻出.

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Towards an Open Universe by Robert Ducan, tulip, Primitive

詩人談詩當代美國詩論 Contemporary American Poetry  陳祖文譯香港今日世界1975

Contemporary American Poetry ,  ed.Nemerov, Howard , Voice of American Forum Lecture,  1964
Poets on Poetry, Basic Books, 1966
311 pp.
 Towards an Open Universe by Robert Ducan, pp.1-12  這篇的第一首詩中   譯本的分段大異於原詩. 真不可思議
 A Selected Prose - Page 1 - Google Books Result
Robert Duncan, Robert J. Bertholf - 1995 - Poetry
In the coda of the poem "Apprehensions," the "First Poem" calls upon the birth of life ... in Contemporary American Poetry: Voice of America Forum Lectures, ed.

Contemporary American Poetry by Nemerov, Howard: Voice of ...

www.abebooks.co.uk › Nemerov, Howard
Title: Contemporary American Poetry. Publisher: Voice of America Forum Lectures, USA. Publication Date: Binding: Paperback. Book Condition: Good/very ...
 此書將tulip翻譯成"山慈姑" (頁324-25)

 頁334-35 "美國原始人"

American Primitive

Look at him there in his stovepipe hat,
His high-top shoes, and his handsome collar;
Only my Daddy could look like that,
And I love my Daddy like he loves his Dollar.

The screen door bangs, and it sounds so funny--
There he is in a shower of gold;
His pockets are stuffed with folding money,
His lips are blue, and his hands feel cold.

He hangs in the hall by his black cravat,
The ladies faint, and the children holler:
Only my Daddy could look like that,
And I love my Daddy like he loves his Dollar.

William Jay Smith的這首詩用了領巾cravat和高絲帽 等等   所以primitive 不是原始人
The cravat is a neckband, the forerunner of the modern tailored necktie and bow tie, originating from 17th-century Croatia.[2]

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傑沙的英國人俱樂部。在喬治·奧威爾的小說《緬甸歲月》(Burmese Days)中,男性角色們會在這裡消磨時光。
Aung Shine Oo for The New York Times
傑沙的英國人俱樂部。在喬治·奧威爾的小說《緬甸歲月》(Burmese Days)中,男性角色們會在這裡消磨時光。The British Club in Katha, where male characters of George Orwell's "Burmese Days" lounged and drank tumblers of whiskey and gin. It now houses offices of a cooperative association.


Op-Ed Contributors

An Elizabethan Cyberwar







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科學文章求真確.紐約時報將 Neanderthal人稱為"古人"是太模糊.

A Modern Stone Age Family? A Neanderthal’s Molar Suggests Early Weaning 




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 方思譯里爾克〈秋日〉末段   顯然和英文翻譯有差異和誤解.

"Autumn Day" by Rainer Maria Rilke - poetry on 'The Beckoning'

Rainer Maria Rilke

This translation is by Guntram Deichsel: 

Autumn Day 

Lord, it is time. Let the great summer go,
Lay your long shadows on the sundials,
And over harvest piles let the winds blow.

Command the last fruits to be ripe;
Grant them some other southern hour,
Urge them to completion, and with power
Drive final sweetness to the heavy grape.

Who's homeless now, will for long stay alone.
No home will build his weary hands,
He'll wake, read, write letters long to friends
And will the alleys up and down
Walk restlessly, when falling leaves dance.


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technicality, Scientific, Technical and Medical Translation with Translation Technology

There were many more chapters in Mr. Battelle’s life. In 1966, he sheared the locks of many of the women who attended Truman Capote’s Black and White Ball at the Plaza Hotel, including Pamela Harriman and Lauren Bacall. In 1969, he marketed a makeup kit to add “a delicate glow” to bosoms. In 1990, his studio burned to the ground, and because of a technicality, he recovered no insurance money. He moved to the Helmsley Palace Hotel, then to the Waldorf-Astoria.
1990年,他的工作室在火災中夷為平地,因為技術問題,他沒能獲得 任何保險賠償。


Pronunciation: /ˌtɛknɪˈkalɪti/
Translate technicality | into French | into German | into Italian | into Spanish
Definition of technicality

noun (plural technicalities)

  • a point of law or a small detail of a set of rules, as contrasted with the intent or purpose of the rules:their convictions were overturned on a technicality
  • (technicalities) the specific details or terms belonging to a particular field:he has great expertise in the technicalities of the game
  • [mass noun] the state of being technical; the use of technical terms or methods:the extreme technicality of the proposed constitution

1 [U]専門的であること, 専門的性質;専門的方法[用語]の使用.
2 [C]((しばしば-ties))専門的な問題[事項, 表現], (細かな)法解釈;ルール上のちょっとしたミス.

陝西女孩馮羽剛剛從倫敦帝國學院(又譯帝國理工學院)科技與醫療翻譯碩士(MSc in Scientific, Technical and Medical Translation with Translation Technology)畢業,目前在聯合國駐荷蘭某國際機構參加為期半年的實習。 子川:你在中國大學本科學的是英語專業, ...

上文對 "Scientific, Technical and Medical Translation with Translation Technology"的翻譯略掉畫底線的重要部分 因為翻譯者不知道 translation technology 的專業意義.