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punned on the phrase...The Facts of Life/ wordplay 不只是雙關語

Resistance to sex education is often part of a larger rejection of claims for political and economic equality for women: http://ow.ly/QXnov

A new book tells the global history of sex education in schools, a tale in which ideology and hypocrisy play leading roles

a fact of life

Something that must be accepted and cannot be  changed , however unpalatable :  baldness  is a fact of life for a lot of men

Pilgrimage with Simon Reeve episode1 BBC full documentary 2013 greatest adventures on earth約在17:45處,女廚建議某天--無肉天、週三、五--該吃漁,因為拉丁文肉carnālis和色欲carnality等是雙關。



excessive pursuit of fleshly pleasures  carnality
1350-400; Middle  English Latin carnālis,  equivalent  to  carn-  (stem  of carōflesh  +  -ālis -al 1

pun 雙關(詼諧)語

pun 1

Line breaks:  pun


joke  exploiting  the  different  possible  meanings  of a  word  or  the fact that  there are  words  which sound alike  but have  different  meanings : the Railway  Society  reception  was an  informal  party  of  people  of all stations ( excuse  the pun) in life (station)[COUNT NOUN] dated  One's social rank or position: Karen was  getting ideas  above her station different  stations in life
  • By all reports, the mountain men love mountain women almost as much as winning rugby league games (a cheap pun based on no facts).
  • The name Cindy sounds like a near pun to cinders, which speaks again to the idea of​​​​ complete destruction for the birth of some new work.
  • We can deduce whether a consonant was sounded from the way puns work.

VERB (punspunningpunned)

[NO OBJECT] (often as adjective  punning ) Back to top  
Make a pun: Freeth  adopted  the  nickname  Free in punning allusion  to his  beliefs the  designer  is punning on the  street name

  • First, it isn't Hobbes's view that the relation between states is characterised as involving a 'clubbable' social life, unless we're punning on 'club'.
  • In his great novel Ulysses, James Joyce, punning on the old line 'An Englishman's home is his castle' reflects that 'The Irishman's house is his coffin'.
  • Any theatre which presents a drama about poker lays itself open to critics punning madly about it 'taking a gamble' or 'playing for high stakes'.


mid 17th century : perhaps an abbreviation of obsolete pundigrion , as a fanciful alteration of  punctilio .

名](同音異義による)だじゃれ,地口(じぐち) ,語呂(ごろ)合わせ:例We must all hang together or we shall hang separately.共に団結しなければ,1人ずつしばり首になるだろう.
━━[動](~ned, ~・ning)(自)(…を)もじる,(…にかけて)しゃれ[地口]を言う((on, upon ...)).

  This volume, from a young poet out of Topeka, Kan., is Nabokovian in its ecstatic wordplay.
Stories, Essays and Poems for the Powder Room

And never forget, do not insult your audience by calling attention to the coming wordplay.
The pardon-my-pun flag says to the listener or reader, "You're probably too dim-witted to catch this, so I'm pointing it out to you beforehand."
I do, however, commend the grammatically sensitive nominee for his choice of rear rather than raise , following the strict admonition that "you raise cattle but you rear children." Sad to say, that manner-born rule is now more honored in the breeches than the observance.

Word fun in Nabokov's Lolita - Mental Floss

www.mentalfloss.com/blogs/archives/26070 - Cached
Word fun in Nabokov's Lolita by David K. Israel - June 2, 2009 - 7:38 AM. Lolita1. jpg If you're a fan of word play , you probably already know how much fun ...

Original of Laura - The New York Times

9 Nov 2009 – In these pages readers will find bright flashes of Nabokovian wordplay (“The potentate had been potent till the absurd age of 80”) and surreal, ...

【hc:我們經常會用到Charles Dickens (1906) - by Gilbert Keith Chesterton 的第四章(Chapter 4)之末段
http://www.readprint.com/ chapter-1888/Gilbert-Keith- Chesterton

首先,我們查網路英文辭典(from Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary),可以知道phrasal verb take sb in有雙義:take sb in (CARE FOR) [M] to take care of someone and provide a place in your home for them:例Several families take in foreign students.;另外take sb in (DECEIVE) to cause someone to believe something which is not true, or to trick or deceive someone:例I can't believe she was taken in by him. 這就是原書介的「Chesterton, writing about Dickens, punned on the phrase "taken in," meaning both "deceived" and "welcomed in out of the cold."」之意思,我的提議中文是:無往(網)不利。


wórd • plày
[名][U]軽妙な言葉のやり取り;しゃれ. n.
  1. Witty or clever verbal exchange; repartee.
  2. The act or an instance such exchange.