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笨重;磅鎊不分,瘋傳(Go viral) , confidant, cognitive dissonance

Samsung heir goes to court, denies bribing S. Korean president

Samsung chief Lee Jae-yong's lawyers have denied he had any involvement in
bribing impeached President Park Geun Hye. He's accused of giving millions
of dollars to one of Park's confidantes.閨蜜

confidant pronunciation

IN BRIEF: n. - Someone to whom private matters are told.
Tutor's tip: She was "confident" (sure of oneself or of something) that her "confidant" (one with whom secrets are shared) would not blab.

A piece in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung said of Grass: "Posing as a self-assured moralist
... " and so on. Both the Saddeutsche Zeitung and the Frankfurter Rundschau complained about the lateness of the admission. But good writers write about the important stuff before they blab about it; good writers don't tell stories before they've written them!


[名](恋愛問題などで私的に相談できる)信頼のおける人, 心を許せる友, 親友, 腹心の友.


ㄊㄧ ㄐㄧˇ tī jǐ  

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Words5. 梯己 [ti1ji3], (1) n., secret savings (of housewife, etc.); (2) adj., very partial, confidential (probably standing for 體己): 梯己話 confidential talk; adj., 梯己人 a confidant(e); (3) adv., personally: 梯己送路 send off personally.

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Words8. 體己 [ti3ji0], (1) adj., intimate, confidential: 說體己話 confidential talks; (2) a confidant (e); personal possessions.

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Words15. 心腹 [xin1fu4] ([xin1fu0]), n., (1) trusted aides, confidant: 心腹話 confidential talk, heart to heart talk; (2) 心腹地 central territory, strategic area; (3) one's inner feelings. 
瘋傳(Go viral)

Go viral definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary


Go viral definition: (of a video , image , story , etc) to spread quickly and widely among internet users via... |

Stress Can Make the Pounds Accumulate
By measuring cortisol levels in hair, scientists confirmed a link between long-term stress and obesity.


壓力可以使英鎊積累 作者:NICHOLAS BAKALAR 通過測量頭髮中的皮質醇水平,科學家證實了長期壓力和肥胖之間的聯繫。


慈林教育基金會心靈鐵砧相簿中新增了 1 張相片。
法國史學家Guizot,有一次問詹姆斯・羅威爾(James Russell Lowell 1819 – 1891,美國詩人、外交官):「美國的局勢能維持多久?」羅威爾回答說:「只要建國先賢們使美國成為一個偉大國家的理想,仍舊繼續主宰一切,則美國就能維持多久。("As long as the IDEAS of the men who founded it continue dominant.")




認知的不協和(にんちてきふきょうわ、cognitive dissonance)とは、人が自身の中で矛盾する認知を同時に抱えた状態、またそのときに覚える不快感を表す社会心理学用語。アメリカの心理学者レオン・フェスティンガーによって提唱された。人はこれを解消するために、自身の態度や行動を変更すると考えられている。

In psychology, cognitive dissonance is the mental stress (discomfort) experienced by a person who simultaneously holds two or more contradictory beliefsideas, or values, when performing an action that contradicts those beliefs, ideas, and values; or when confronted with new information that contradicts existing beliefs, ideas, and values.[1][2]
Leon Festinger's 1957 theory of cognitive dissonance focuses on how human beings strive for internal consistency. A person who experiences inconsistency tends to become psychologically uncomfortable, and so is motivated to try to reduce the cognitive dissonance occurring, and actively avoids situations and information likely to increase the psychological discomfort.[1]