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「奇埃」/非正式用法 ( informal)

 take a hike/walk:慣用語,滾啦、閃遠一點(美國非正式用法,以不禮貌方式叫人走開)。例句:Take a hike! Stop bothering me!(滾啦!別煩我!)

----解說中的 informal 為日常用語
(ĭn-fôr'məl) pronunciation
  1. Not formal or ceremonious; casual: an informal gathering of friends; a relaxed, informal manner.
  2. Not being in accord with prescribed regulations or forms; unofficial: an informal agreement.
  3. Suited for everyday wear or use: informal clothes.
  4. Being more appropriate for use in the spoken language than in the written language.

《中英對照讀新聞》Arnie the EU ’presidentor’ draws chuckles and frowns 阿諾想出任歐盟「主席終結者」引來訕笑與不滿
It’s a script drawing laughs and frowns among European Union veterans: Arnold Schwarzenegger, EU president, chairing summits next to Nicolas Sarkozy, Angela Merkel and David Cameron.
News that the Austrian-born former "Governator" of California was advised to seek the EU presidency has brought smiles to the staid corridors of Brussels, but also exasperation about the EU’s image in the United States.
Joke or not, Schwarzenegger would have his first shot at the post in mid-2012, at the end of the first two-and-a-half-year term of European Council President Herman Van Rompuy, a button-down former Belgian premier.
But "Conan the Barbarian" can forget about flexing his political muscle against the haiku-writing Van Rompuy in a US-style presidential campaign.
Instead, the action hero would have to charm and cajole 27 people with their own big egos:the bloc’s 27 heads of state and government, the only people who get to nominate and vote for the EU Council president.

have/take a shot at something:片語,非正式用法,指首度嘗試做某事,如He’s proven himself to be a talented actor and now he’s having a shot at directing his first play.(他已經證明自己是個有天份的演員,現在又首度嘗試執導他的第一齣戲。)
button-down:形容詞,亦可寫成 buttoned-down,指保守的、傳統的或缺乏想像力的,如He is a colorful character in the buttoned-down, dull-gray world of business.(在作風保守、死氣沈沈的商界,他倒是個有趣的人物。)
flex one’s muscles:片語,指採取行動展現實力,如The latest bomb scare was just the terrorists flexing their muscles - showing us they haven’t gone away.(最新一起炸彈恐嚇是恐怖份子企圖展現實力──向我們證明他們並沒有消失。)

井噴!井噴!/ 島嶼名稱各說各話


 阿、英馬島爭端指的是阿根廷與英國關于馬爾維納斯群島(Malvinas Islands) (簡稱“馬島”,英國稱福克蘭群島Falkland Islands) 歸屬問題的爭端。該群島位于阿根廷 ...
 《白樂崎專欄 》台灣與日漸升高的尖閣危機
 換句話說  中文要夾注該島之他方說法

Global demand for materials such as lanthanum and neodymium was surging as the world's appetite for hybrid cars, wind turbines and ever-faster phones with better screens increased.
 隨著混動 汽車、風力渦輪機和速度越來越快、屏幕越來越好的手機需求增加,鑭、釹等材料的需求出現井噴。the Australian rare-earths mining company has come...


To increase suddenly: As favorable reviews came out, interest in the software surged.

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spork, random , dual-use

鈦制叉勺是我弟弟格雷戈里(Gregory)給我的聖誕節禮物,這個禮物應該是他當時隨便選的。超輕兩用餐具對我來說沒什麼用。THE titanium spork was a Christmas gift from my brother Gregory, a choice that seemed random at the time. I had no use for ultra-lightweight dual-use cutlery. 
 spork 如下說明:叉匙合體組
勺= spoon 匙



2013年2月22日 星期五


......都說學外文難,我也覺得實在難。 這十幾二十年盡量擺脫文字法規的枷鎖,一心只求弄懂文字傳遞的信息,不去深究句法、文采,果然舒服。 學外文不一定是為了讓自己學會用外文表達自己,那是下一步的境界。 學外文先是讓自己讀懂外文,那樣才能享受本文(text)的樂趣:「看書是為了消受知的快樂,不是為了上進。」莫爾夫人說。 「那等​​於結婚是為了兩個人在一起快樂,不是為了生孩子。」得諾貝爾文學獎的凱爾泰茲前幾天才​​說,有了孩子就不得不追求比較像樣的營生,多包袱,要遷就(“I would have to live better, and to do that,I would have made commitments and concessions”)。--董橋  莫爾夫人看書知趣  2002

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chucked them all / After Babel: Aspect of Language and Translation 一段

Debut Poetry Collection Coming From James Franco


Perhaps the only way that James Franco could surprise us now with his unpredictable creative pursuits is if he simply chucked them all to spend time splitting rocks at his local quarry. And yet Mr. Franco, the artist, author and actor (whose films include "Milk" and "127 Hours"), continues to add to his eclectic résumé, announcing plans on Monday to publish his first book of poetry.
以詹姆斯·弗兰科(James Franco) 不可预知的创作追求,如今他唯一能让我们吃惊的方法,可能就是回家乡的采石场劈石头。但是艺术家、作家兼演员(他出演的电影包括《米尔克》[Milk]和 《127小时》[127 Hours])弗兰科先生宣布周一(2012年12月17日——译注)出版第一本诗集,继续为他丰富的简历增光添彩。

HC評: 此段翻譯漏譯嚴重


(chŭk) pronunciation
tr.v., chucked, chuck·ing, chucks.
  1. To pat or squeeze fondly or playfully, especially under the chin.
    1. To throw or toss: chucked stones into the water.
    2. Informal. To throw out; discard: chucked my old sweater.
    3. Informal. To force out; eject: chucking out the troublemakers.
  2. Informal. To give up; quit: chucked her job.
  1. An affectionate pat or squeeze under the chin.
  2. A throw, toss, or pitch.
[Variant of chock, possibly from French choc, knock, blow. See shock1.]

 Steiner的名著After Babel: Aspect of Language and Translation
(1975)節譯來對應(p. 253)。不過,它的引述或翻譯是有問題的:

我們看一下G. Steiner怎麼說:
When we read or hear any language-statement from the past, be it
Leviticus or last year's best seller, we translate. Reader, actor,
editor are translators of language out of time. The schematic model of
translation is one in which a message from a source-language passes
into a receptor-language via a transformational process.
我認為廖七一這種引述之略譯Leviticus/誤解out of time,多少代表中國關於「翻譯學界
 out of time

not in proper time; too soon, or too late.

not in harmony; discordant; hence, not in an agreeing temper; fretful.

creative writing; presence

Mr. Franco, who has portrayed poets in films like "Howl" (which cast him as Allen Ginsberg) and "The Broken Tower" (in which he played Hart Crane, and which he also wrote and directed), is not simply an admirer of well-crafted verse: he also holds a master of fine arts in creative writing from Brooklyn College in New York and an M.F.A. in poetry from Warren Wilson College in North Carolina. His previously published writings include a short story collection, "Palo Alto."弗兰科先生在电影中扮演过诗人,比如《嚎叫》(Howl,他在其中扮演艾伦·金斯伯格[Allen Ginsberg])和《断塔》(The Broken Tower,他在其中扮演哈特·克莱恩[Hart Crane])。他不仅具有欣赏绝妙诗歌的审美能力,还拥有纽约布鲁克林学院创造性写作专业的艺术硕士学位,以及北卡罗来纳州沃伦·威尔逊(Warren Wilson)学院诗歌专业的艺术硕士学位。他之前出版的作品包括短篇小说集《帕洛阿尔托》(Palo Alto)。

 現在大家多忘了40年前稱 creative writing 為創作


現前presence 索引問題
頁48 的"現前" 定義內又有現前 它的原文非"presence"
原書之後 有多次"現前" 譬如說 190/ 192 有"現前(presence )...."《念住--通往證悟的直接之道》Satipaṭṭhāna
presence 這字在基督教和精神層面都有可比較的說法

presence :臨在;鑒臨;親在:指兩存有物某種程度的互相滲透。造物主天主臨在於宇宙,尤其與我們人類同在,包括基督親臨信徒中,尤指基督親在聖體聖事中。
presence at Mass :參與彌撒;與祭。
presence of God :天主的鑒臨;天主的臨在:無所不在的天主,此時此刻就在我們面前,善人的靈魂是天主的聖殿。

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你"博雅"我"博雅" /瑪奇朵Macchiato

" 瑪奇朵" 的"奇"翻譯不準確 CH 是K音

焦糖瑪奇朵- 维基百科,自由的百科全书
zh.wikipedia.org/zh-tw/焦糖瑪 - Cached - Translate this page
焦糖瑪琪朵(英文:Caramel Macchiato)是一種加入焦糖的瑪琪雅朵咖啡。在香濃熱牛奶上加入濃縮咖啡、香草,最後淋上純正焦糖而製成的飲品,特點是在一杯飲品裡 ...



HC:  那時候沒什麼"博雅"這樣做作的名詞啦!   博雅,
[形]1 (…を)物惜しみしない, (…に)気前のよい((of, with ...)) a liberal giver物惜しみしない人 be liberal of [with] one's mo...
liberal arts
((the 〜))1 (大学の)教養課程[科目](((英))liberal studies).2 (中世の)自由学芸:文法・論理学・修辞学・算数・幾何・天文・音楽から成る.
liberal education

2013年2月9日 星期六

Gaga’s fragrance /標準普爾。運匠。Hail Mary/ salvation/竟然是"救命稻草"。“道法自然”

  TOKYO — It seems an unlikely source of salvation for this city’s run-down, industrial Ota district: a black two-person bobsled about the size of a sofa that sits in a cramped workroom tended by men in blue jumpsuits. 東京——對東京衰落的 大田工業區而言,這玩意看起來不像是可能的救命稻草:一架放在狹小作坊里的黑色、雪茄狀、沙發大小的雪橇,身穿藍色工作服的人在旁邊看着它。

 Ms. Ono has also become a frequent presence on the social circuit in New York, attending fund-raisers and fashion parties, like the one for the debut of Lady Gaga’s fragrance at the Guggenheim Museum in September.小野女士還是紐約社交界的常客,經常參加籌款活動和時尚派對,比如9月她出現於Lady Gaga在古根海姆博物館舉辦的香氛?首發式

 這 Gaga’s fragrance 是Gaga 牌香水

ガガの香り、甘くて官能的 香水、日本先行発売へ

写真:ガガさんが手がけた香水「レディー・ガガ フェイム」拡大ガガさんが手がけた香水「レディー・ガガ フェイム」
 伊藤忠商事は、米国人アーティストのレディー・ガガさんが初めて企画した香水「レディー・ガガ フェイム」を8月1日に発売する。日本が好きなガガさんの意向で、世界での販売開始より1カ月早く、東急プラザ表参道原宿(東京都渋谷区)の3階スペースで売り出す。
 米国の香水大手コティ・ビューティ社と共同開発し、日本では伊藤忠の関連会社が独占輸入販売権を得た。香水は容量別に3種類。30ミリリットルタイプが 税込み4725円。色は黒だが、空気に触れると透明に変わる珍しい香水で、甘い香りという。「ガガさんのように魅惑的で官能的な香りの香水ですよ」(伊藤 忠広報)


 本次展覽名為“道法自然”(Earth, Sea, and Sky: Nature in Western Art),意在向中國觀眾展示大都會博物館豐富藏品的廣度和深度。展出的130件作品選自大都會博物館的17個專業部門中12個部門的收藏,在材質、創作 手法和創作年代方面各有不同。展品包括掛毯、漆器和油畫,最早可以追溯到公元前3000年。展出將持續到5月9日。

希望之聲電台 ‎- 9 hours ago

   標準  普爾是兩創始人姓氏 所以"標準 "也應採用音譯才對

標準普爾- 維基百科,自由的百科全書

zh.wikipedia.org/zh-tw/史坦普 - Cached - Translate this page
標準普爾(英語:Standard & Poor's,或又常譯為史坦普)是一家世界權威金融分析機構,總部位於美國紐約市,由亨利·瓦納姆·普爾(Mr Henry Varnum Poor)於1860年 ... ----
Well, BlackBerry’s Hail Mary pass, its bet-the-farm phone, is finally here. It’s the BlackBerry Z10, and guess what? It’s lovely, fast and efficient, bristling with fresh, useful ideas.
好吧,黑莓的救命稻草、这部让黑莓孤注一掷的手机终于问世了。它就是黑莓Z10(BlackBerry Z10)。你猜怎样?这部手机外观迷人、速度快、高效,充满了新鲜而实用的想法。

Hail Mary

Háil Máry
1Ave Maria.
2 ((アメフト俗))〈プレーなどが〉ヘイルメアリーの, 神頼みの, 運を天に任せた.
the last [final] straw (on the camel's back)/the straw that breaks the camel's back
わずかだが耐えられない付け足し, (我慢などの)限界を超えさせる出来事.

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優化!優化!/ reverse-engineered

The local government asked a university’s sports department to lend it an old German-made bobsled, which members of Mr. Hosogai’s group then reverse-engineered. Within two weeks, they had made their own parts, which they said were stronger than the German ones because they were shaped from single pieces of steel, instead of welded from separate pieces.

reverse-engineer ━━ vt., n. 逆行組成(を行う), 分解模倣(する) ((他社製品を分解・分析して設計技術を取り込むこと)).
reverse engineering 分解工学.

Beijing will also give room to China's refining industry to pass on the cost to consumers, according to the statement on the State Council's website. China strictly controls fuel prices, which limits the ability of refining companies to easily pass on the cost of refinery and antipollution upgrades to consumers. 

中國國務院網站上的這則聲明顯示﹐北京還將給中國煉油業一定空間﹐使其可將成本轉給消費者。在中國﹐燃油價格受到嚴格控制﹐因而對煉油企業產生一定限制﹐無法輕易將煉油廠升級改造和優化治污措施的成本轉嫁給消費者。( WSJ)

[名](複 -ies)(金属・砂糖・石油などの)精製[精錬, 精油]所;精製[精錬]機具.

an apocalyptic edge; free-thinking free school; 羅馬空格

最後一欄為"數位簽名" 由於我的地點在台北
換句話說  弄不清楚什麼是"羅馬空格" (原先姓名採取英文/ google 羅馬空格 從缺 )
改用英文版填寫 原文只說first name和last name的順序等要一樣沒有什麼"羅馬空格"
(free-thinking free school)似乎是「(提唱)自由思想的自由學校」

英國教育大臣邁克爾·高夫(Michael Gove)日前表示,無神論者可以在政府教育改革的方針下創辦自由學校。
高夫說,他對一些來自個人的提案非常感興趣,其中就包括牛津大學生物學教授理查德·道金斯(Richard Dawkins)。
據悉,《上帝錯覺》(The God Delusion)的作者道金斯教授於上月表示,他非常喜歡創辦「自由思想學校」(free-thinking free school)的理念。

For one, she and her son, Sean Lennon, who is 37, recently started Artists Against Fracking, a group opposed to that method of drilling for natural gas. In typical form, Ms. Ono’s message has an apocalyptic edge.比如,她和自己37歲的兒子肖恩·列儂(Sean Lennon)最近創立了“藝術家反對液壓破裂法”(Artists Against Fracking)的組織,旨在反對這種鑽孔開採天然氣的方法。小野女士的信息是她典型的風格,帶有一絲天啟般的氣息。
 “Basically, if we don’t do something about it, we’re all going to die,” she said.

此edge 的意思是激烈如啟示錄的預言:
“Basically, if we don’t do something about it, we’re all going to die,” she said.

4 [U]((通例 an [the] 〜))(言葉・議論・欲望・悲しみ・皮肉などの)鋭さ, 痛烈さ, 激しさ;効力

a biting edge of cynicism
an edge to one's voice
giveputan edge toonthe appetite
give a person the (rough) edge of one's tongue
get the (rough) edge of a person's tongue

2013年2月4日 星期一


梁永安的翻譯是因為原書將or of...("Montaigne said that aging diminishes us each day in a way that, when death finally arrives, 
it takes away only a quarter or half the man. )

1/8 or 1/9? Thanks for Prof. Tai 's reminding:
 李維氏這一本也提到蒙田:(李維史陀90歲感言, Patric Wilcken實驗室裡的詩人》(Claude Levi-Strauss: The Poet in the laboratory ) 梁永安譯台北:衛城,2012,頁368)
是否or 看成of...
... Claude Lévi-Strauss. Lévi-Strauss was asked to give a little speech to the group, and begins with: 
"Montaigne said that aging diminishes us each day in a way that, when death finally arrives, it takes away only a quarter or half the man. But Montaigne only lived to be fifty-nine, so he could have no idea of the extreme old age I find myself in today" - which, he adds, was one of the "most curious surprises of my existence."  He says he feels like a "shattered hologram" that has lost its unity but that still retains an image of the whole self.


Lévi-Strauss - "shattered hologram" of aging.

I've been having a go at Jim Holt's popular book  "Why does the world exist? An existential detective story."  After three chapters of fascinating quotes from famous ancient and modern philosophers and scientists I skipped to the epilogue, and found a striking account given by the author of attending a small party at the Collège de France in celebration of the ninetieth birthday of Claude Lévi-Strauss. Lévi-Strauss was asked to give a little speech to the group, and begins with: 
"Montaigne said that aging diminishes us each day in a way that, when death finally arrives, it takes away only a quarter or half the man. But Montaigne only lived to be fifty-nine, so he could have no idea of the extreme old age I find myself in today" - which, he adds, was one of the "most curious surprises of my existence."  He says he feels like a "shattered hologram" that has lost its unity but that still retains an image of the whole self. 
Lévi-Strauss goes on to talk about the "dialogue"  between the eroded self he has become - le moi réel - and the ideal self that coexists with it - le moi métronymique.  The latter, planning ambitious new intellectual projects, says to the former,  "You must continue."  But the former replies, "That's your business - only you can see things whole."  Levi-Strauss then thanks those of us assembled for helping him silence this futile dialogue and allowing his two selves of "coincide" again for a moment - "although," he adds,  "I am well aware that le moi réel will continue to sink toward its ultimate dissolution."
What an incredible description of what we experience as we continually loose our brain cells during aging: a receding shadow of the richness of the world once integrated by their antecedent and larger ensemble. 

The final lines of Holt's epilogue, and the book:

Philosophy, n. A route of many roads leading from nowhere to nothing. 

-AMBROSE BIERCE, The Devil's Dictionary

2013年2月1日 星期五





   G20是全球最重要的國際經濟合作論壇,1999年成立,由美、英、法、德、義大利、加拿大、俄羅斯和日本等八國集團及其餘十二個重要經濟體的財政部長 及央行行長組成。全球GDP排名前20的經濟體中,除西班牙、波蘭、伊朗和中華民國外都包含在內。2008年起G20開始召開20國領袖高峰會,2009 年正式宣佈取代G8成為全球經濟合作的主要論壇。

  多年來,每當G20高峰會舉行必定吸引各類團體前往主辦城市會場周圍展開抗議。抗議 團體形形色色。不同動機的人為了不同的理由走上街頭,爭取全球媒體的鎂光燈。但2010年G20峰會的和平示威卻意外捲入警察的暴力管制,波及無數多倫多 市民,一千多個民眾被視為暴徒被拘捕,現場民眾用手機、相機蒐證,重建現場,還原事件真相。

  《誰叫你不乖》是加拿大公視CBC製播超過30年的重量級調查紀錄片節目《第五階級 The Fifth Estate》製作。


You Should Have Stayed At Home - the fifth estate

www.cbc.ca/fifth/.../youshouldhavestay... - 頁庫存檔 - 翻譯這個網頁
2011/2/25 – Exclusive eyewitness video obtained by the fifth estate brings to light .... Toronto street near my home, I was aggressively detained by not the ...